Negotiation is a beneficial tool used in resolving disputes in family law and entails communication between lawyers and clients and may involve meetings which may require the attendance of both clients and lawyers.


Mediation is a voluntary process that can be used to help parties resolve disputes with the aid of a trained mediator to reach an agreement regarding family law matters.

Collaborative Process

Collaborative process is a unique settlement process that involves two clients and their lawyers and other professionals as required working together to reach a fair settlement of all family law matters.


Arbitration is an out of court process which allows each party in a family law dispute to tell their side to an arbitrator (who is privately retained by both parties) and request a specific decision. Witnesses and documents from both sides may be presented.


Litigation becomes necessary when going to court and asking a Judge to make decisions is needed to resolve the dispute. This involves retaining a lawyer who will act on your behalf in close consultation with you.

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