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Spousal Support

At the end of a relationship (marriage or common-law) a spouse may be entitled to support.

Entitlement to spousal support may arise if one spouse should be compensated for the role he or she played during the relationship and/or if a spouse has become financially dependant on the other and needs this financial assistance to continue after the relationship has ended.

Spousal support is typically paid on a monthly basis for a specified period of time. In some situations, a lump sum payment is appropriate. Determining the appropriate spousal support amount can be difficult if the support payor's income fluctuates, if the payor is self-employed, if the payor is underemployed (intentionally or otherwise) or receives money regularly from family members or a family business.

The lawyers at Simpson Taseer  can assist in determining if there is an entitlement to spousal support and the quantum and duration of support to be paid.


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