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Sometimes certain provisions of a final court order or separation agreement need to be changed in order to reflect a material change in circumstances that has occurred.

A material change in circumstances may include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • cessation of child support;
  • child commencing university;
  • significant increase or decrease in the payor's income;
  • birth of the child in the payor spouse's second marriage;
  • the discovery of a permanent disability in payor or payee;
  • financial change in circumstances;
  • retirement of payee or payor;
  • payee not making reasonable efforts to become employed;
  • remarriage of payee, payor or both.

The above are examples of circumstances which may lead to potential variation in support; however, each case is based on its own facts.

The current agreement may also allow a review of certain terms.

The lawyers at Simpson Taseer can assist you with determining whether a variation of a court order or separation agreement is necessary or possible and assist in negotiating a new agreement or court order and assist you with any review of the agreement.


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